Martin Joe Beaver 1/4 Breed Prairie Flower Calf Roper Saddle


  • Martin Saddlery
  • Joe Beaver Calf Roper
  • Full Quilted Seat
  • Roper Stirrups
  • Roughout
  • Natural Leather
  • Gullet: 7 in
  • NRS-63-2406

Designed to give calf ropers and their horses a competitive edge, the seat jockey and formed ground of the Joe Beaver Calf Roper seat offer a secure pocket to the box. Weighted fenders hang directly under the roper’s center of gravity. The lowered swell combined with extra deep, extra wide stirrups offers the rider stability while making it easy to dismount without interference. A low profile fit reduces impact from hard jerks, the Calf Roper is stitched and backed for durabiliry and a reinforced tree, horn, righs and billets.